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Testimonials & Reviews


Journey to Constellation Station

"The students loved the bright illustrations and could [finally!] see the intended design behind each constellation. Perfect for a unit on space!"
- Matthew, Preschool Teacher

"Lindsay Barry's visit to our preschool was amazing! Her book is so well-written. Ms. Barry is a talented author, who actively engages her audience. The kids loved learning about constellations while going on a train adventure. The children were so excited to be able to take a signed copy of "Journey to Constellation Station" home with them. This is definitely a journey to remember."

- HeatheAbbott, Psy.D. Owner of Little Oaks Montessori Academy


The Backpack

"A Wonderful Addition to my Classroom Library!"
- Meghan H., Elementary School Teacher

"Another great rhyming book from Lindsay Barry! And a great lesson, too!"
- Amazon Review

"If you want your kids to enjoy a beautiful book, and learn how to be kind and inclusive at the same time, then get a copy."

- Amazon Review


"I'll be recommending this book to my friends and family as well as my clients."

-Rachel Bailey, family and child therapist  


Becky and Kaia's New Addition

"Our whole family absolutely loves this adorable book. It’s a beautiful story about a place that’s close to our hearts. We love the illustrations and the meaning behind the story."
- Amazon Review

"I absolutely loved this book for its story and illustrations. I also love anything about Goldens. It’s a great story about a wonderful hospital and how they help kids and their families. I’ve read all of Lindsay Barry’s books and think they are great. She has a real talent. Well done!"

- Amazon Review

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