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One of my favorite things I get to do as an author is visit classrooms and libraries to read my books to the children. My favorite favorite part of these visits is the question and answer sessions at the end of each reading. The all-time best question I ever received was from a second grader who asked me if I ever wanted to give up since it took two years to get my first book published. What a great question! I told him that yes, there were some days where I felt like giving up, but I never did and I am SO happy that I kept going! 


I've read to small groups (6 classes in a day) and large groups (over 100 students at a time). I've read onstage with a microphone and projector and I've read seated in a rocking chair with children at my feet. I've sat criss-cross applesauce in a circle on the carpet and I've helped a Girl Scout Troop earn their space badge.


I'd be happy to read at your school or event. I'm also available for Skype and Zoom if you're not local to Northern Virginia. Shoot me an email and let's figure something out!


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