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Back to School Book List Blog for Early Elementary School Aged Kids

Six Books for Back to Early Elementary School:

Otto Goes to School by Todd Parr

Simple, silly and effective, Todd Parr books are great. It's OK to be nervous but you'll learn new things and make new friends!

The Backpack by Lindsay Barry and Illustrated by Klaudia Bezak

A sweet rhyming story about treating others how we wish to be treated. It doesn't matter what you (or your backpack) look like. What matters is how you treat others.

Peanut Butter & Cupcake! by Terry Border

Sometimes it's hard to make friends, but keep trying! The amazing photographs of the food are fun for adults too!

What Should Danny Do? School Day (The Power to Choose Series) by Adir and Ganit Levy and Illustrated by Mat Sadler

A choose your own adventure about making the right choices at school.

The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn and Illustrated by Ruth E. Harper and Nancy M. Leak

A classic and a great way to calm nerves on what can be a scary first day of school. It also includes stickers to make the concept of the kissing hand very real.

How Do Dinosaurs Go to School? by Jane Yolen and Illustrated by Mark Teague

Funny and with dinos, this is a great way to talk about back-to-school behavior and what's acceptable and what's not.

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