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TEN Reasons To Give My Signed Books As A Gift

TEN reasons to give my signed books as a gift

1. You will immediately become a rockstar gift-giver. 2. Kids love seeing their names on stuff. 3. Personalized gifts are da bomb. 4. You're giving snuggle/bonding/reading time. 5. Easy to wrap. 6. You're supporting a woman-in-biz (that's me in case you're wondering). 7. In total, my books have earned 139 5-star Amazon reviews. 8. I'm a really good rhymer (it's not bragging if it's true). 9. You can say you know the author. 10. At $10 each, the price is right.


Hosting or attending any birthday parties? Be a total rockstar and give the gift of imagination, exploration, kindness and reading! Signed and dedicated books make AMAZING birthday gifts. Order today!

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