Independent Book Reviews: Foreign to You by Jeremy Martin

April 2, 2019

A Quick Review for Busy Parents, by a Busy Parent.

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Synopsis: The harmony between humans and fianna, a species of shape-shifting deer, begins to wither as racial tensions and deeply rooted resentment turns violent. Finn, a hunter of the feral (fianna that turn crazy and go mad in half beast/half human form) must work with fianna leader Adelaide to find the God of the Forest.


Genre: Fantasy


Hook: Two enemies must work together to save both their kind.



Fun Fact: Jeremy is also from Pennsylvania, just like me!


Full Disclosure: Jeremy reached out to me and asked to send me his ARC (advanced reader copy) for Foreign to You. I read his manuscript and provided some edits, so I haven’t read the revised and final book yet. 


Time of Year to Read: Anytime...although I'm partial to a hot summer day.


Would I Recommend This to Other Busy Parents: Yes, as long as he took my edits to heart. The writing is a bit choppy at times, but gets better towards the middle of the book.


Similar Reads: It's got a little of a Twilight vibe with the shape-shifting, but I don't think I've read anything very similar, which is refreshing!



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