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Independent Book Reviews: Samantha Powers' Capitol Love Series: (Book 1) The Plan

A Quick Review for Busy Parents, by a Busy Parent

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Samantha Power's Capital Love Series: The Plan (Book 1)

Synopsis: Savannah George is super Type A and has her life all planned out. Enter a chance encounter with Colin Allison. Of course he’s good looking, but in her view, “only” a bartender.

Genre: Romance

Hook: Told from different perspectives with secrets and misunderstandings. Also, set in DC.

Fun Fact: The Plan is set in Washington, DC and I used to live and work in the city. Reading this book took me back, and I loved it!

Full Disclosure: Samantha Powers is a pen name and I know the real author…but I’m sworn to secrecy!!!

Time of Year to Read: February is relevant around Valentine’s Day, but really any time.

Would I Recommend This to Other Busy Parents: Yes, if you love a romance book with great writing. This is a really easy and fun read, and definitely worth it.

Similar Reads: A Hundred Weddings by Cathy Cruise

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