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New Blogging Series: Independent Book Reviews & a Blog Key

I’m so excited to be launching book reviews from independent authors! As an indie author myself with a small(er) publisher, I know how hard it is to not have a huge publishing house behind you. Of course, there are so many great things about working with a small publisher, like the one-on-one attention, but the powerhouse of press and media that comes with a large publisher is hard to duplicate! I believe so many good books are overlooked because of this.

Children's author, Lindsay Barry, shares her blog key as she launches her new Independent Book Reviews series

As much hard work as it takes to get a book published, the vast majority of work (in my experience) happens after publication.

As a busy parent myself, I know that it’s hard to make time for reading and figuring out that next read.

To help fellow independent authors who might have no publisher or a small publisher, I’ve decided to pick books written by independent authors to review on my lbarrybooks’ blog. AND, to make picking YOUR next read even easier, I’ve come up with a fun blog key with symbols and descriptions that are relatable to us as parents.

And quick note—if the book is on my blog, that means I liked it. Life is too short to worry about books I wouldn’t recommend!

My objective with these independent book reviews is for you to find this blog helpful in discovering new authors and great reads!

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