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Independent Book Reviews: The Day the Angels Fell by Shawn Smucker

A Quick Review for Busy Parents, by a Busy Parent

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A young boy on a rural farm in Pennsylvania loses his mother in a lightning strike and afterwards, some pretty fantastical sh!+ occurs. Think Something Wicked This Way Comes meets Bridge to Terabithia with a dash of The Chronicles of Narnia.

Genre: YA/Fantasy

Hook: Is death really a gift?

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Fun Fact: Author Shawn Smucker lives in Pennsylvania and I’m from Pennsylvania. To me, this is fun!

Full Disclosure: Shawn reached out to me on Instagram and asked to send me his books, to which I responded, “Free books, yes please!”

Time of Year to Read: Summer and if you want the 4-D effect of sweat, I suggest reading outside.

Would I Recommend This to Other Busy Parents: Yes, the writing is beautiful and the story is intriguing.

Similar Reads:

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The Magicians by Lev Grossman (minus the R rated stuff)

Emerson Page and Where the Light Enters by Christa Avampato.

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