The Importance of Supporting Small Businesses During the Holidays

It’s been ONE YEAR TODAY since my first children’s book officially launched!


Journey to Constellation Station has sold over 650 print copies since then, and I am immensely proud. I would not have been so successful without the support of many small businesses.





Small Business Saturday is November 24th!


I shop at big stores for some items for the holidays, but this year I’m trying to mostly “shop small” in order to support small businesses. Check out this Forbes article on why it's so important to support small businesses. Ahem, unique offerings and exceptional service!

I have been overwhelmed by the support and willingness of small businesses to spread the word and collaborate with me – each person is showing their support for a small business, and I am grateful.


Since I know how hard it is to be a small business owner, I try to support other small businesses as best I can. This includes patronizing their shops and encouraging others to do the same.


I’ve purchased an item from all of the shops featured below. I encourage YOU to shop small this season and support one (or all!) of the small businesses below!

Sanctuary Beauty

Owner: Anusha Fabio

Products: All-natural bath bombs, body butters, body scrubs and shower steamers

Find her on Instagram: or online


From the Owner:

My name is Anusha and I’m the owner of Sanctuary Beauty and Bath. I'm a mom of two littles, a lover of 80’s music, comedy and all things chocolate:).











You'll find holistic, natural, nourishing bath and body products made by me for you.


 Growing up in South Africa, women in my family had a long tradition of taking care of their skin using natural ingredients.


After experiencing postpartum depression with mood swings, low energy and just feeling down, I used my knowledge of essential oils and skills from being an Occupational Therapist to make natural body products that helped to nurture and nourish my body and mind back to health.


I knew I had to get this out to others because life is busy and it’s so easy to forget to take care of you.

My passion is to create all-natural beauty and bath products that are safe, good for you, and effective for you and hope that Sanctuary Beauty and Bath products empower you to set aside time for YOU so you can face the challenges of daily life with an inner calm and outer glow.


10% of sale proceeds will be donated to provide meals, school supplies, and other services to vulnerable children living in the Langbos settlement in Western Cape, South Africa, through 

Penguin Bean Designs

Owner: Leslie Cullen

Products: Customized vinyl anything – hand towels, mugs, signs, car decals

Find her on Instagram: @penguin_bean_designs or on Facebook:


From the Owner:

I started this business almost two years ago as a way to find myself after the adoption of our son. I had lost myself in becoming a mother and didn’t have any outlet for stress or something that was just for me.


Penguin Bean Designs became that outlet.  I had a chance to de-stress (creativity is soothing!) and I found something that made me someone besides “Mom.”  




I truly didn’t believe my business would grow beyond just my friends and family, but I’ve now made things for people across the United States. 


I love what I do, and while I’m not making millions, I do make enough to supplement my shopping addiction!



care+free co

Owner: Tiffani Floros

Products: Leather earrings and necklaces 

Instagram: @carefreecompany

Facebook: @Carefree Co


From the Owner:

About a year ago I decided to embark on the journey towards a capsule wardrobe. For those of you who are unfamiliar, it’s a wardrobe which consists of 4-5 shirts, 4-5 pants, and few sweaters/jackets that can be worn interchangeably. *And, if we are being honest with each other, that’s all that we really wear anyways.*


It’s an unbelievably freeing feeling to have space between the hangers! However, as the season rolls on (and winter here seems to last a decade) you get a little tired of the same clothes over and over.




I decided to step up my game and step into spring with some new jewelry. Nothing crazy. Something versatile. Simple, but still statement-making.












So begins care+free co. What makes these pieces so great is

their ability to dress up jeans and an ordinary T or add a little extra sparkle to something already fabulous!



They’re the missing piece to every. single. outfit.

Each piece is hand cut from real leather. Posts are all nickel free. Lightweight and easy. You’ll forget you’ve got them on and won’t ever want to take them off! 







Mama Java Coffee

Owner: Kim Roman

Products: Coffee That Stays Delicious After Multiple Reheats

Instagram: @mamajavacoffee


From the Owner:

Personally, I'm a huge coffee drinker - I've always liked trying different roasts and grinding my own beans. Once I had kids (my oldest is 7, and I have a 3-year-old and a 22-month old) I found that my morning cup of coffee routine changed drastically from what it was before. Before kids, I could drink my coffee over breakfast, on my way to the office, or watching TV on a Saturday or Sunday morning. No interruptions, it stayed hot and was nice and fresh. 


After kids…as most mothers can relate to - the morning cup of coffee as a mom is more like an ALL DAY cup of coffee! It takes forever to drink and is nowhere near fresh. I ended up throwing out so many cups of coffee because as they sit, and as you reheat, the flavor starts to change.






So I decided to try messing around with roasting my own beans to see if I could get a cup to last the "motherhood test". Can I let it sit on the counter for a few hours, and have it still taste good without reheating it and can I reheat it multiple times and keep it smooth?   


Thankfully, the answer was "yes"! (although it took some time to figure out, ha!) and that's how it all began. My background is in Marketing, so putting together the brand itself was so much fun for me - but I wanted it to be more than just funny marketing slapped on a bag of shitty coffee, lol! So I really pride myself in the quality of our coffee, as well as our humor and how we connect to REAL moms.


I think it's important to embrace REAL motherhood, right? While it's amazing and rewarding, it's not all glam and glitter... it's yelling and frustration and diaper blowouts and tantrums and crying and exhaustion. If our coffee is something that can brighten a mom's day after a week of meltdowns, that's AWESOME.






Sweet Chloroform


Owner: Darlene Howell

Products: Rainbow Fringe Jackets

Etsy: Ten Percent Off Her Shop!

Instagram: @sweetchloroform


From the Owner:

Hi, I'm Darlene.  I'm an artist and a mom of two. Right now I'm making and selling jackets, specifically rainbow fringe jackets.  I started making them because I wanted one, but couldn't find exactly what I was looking for, so I made it!  My daughter loved it and wanted one as well, so I started making more.  I also make accessories and art photos and those are sometimes in my Etsy shop as well.  





Brooke N Brie Soap

Owner: Jess DeSena

Products: Handmade Soaps

Instagram: @brooke_brie17

Facebook and​


From the Owner:

I started my business over two years ago because the soaps and other body care products from manufacturers have so many harsh chemicals, while leaving our skin dry. All of my products are made in small batches while using the best top-quality ingredients. One of the best things about being my own business is that I can select what scents, patterns and colors to use.



 Rosemary Pritchard Holiday Cards

Owner: Rosemary Pritchard

Products: Holiday Cards

Order HERE 

Find her on Instagram


From the Owner:

Hi! I'm Rosemary Pritchard and I am a freelance graphic designer and stay-at-home mom. I started my freelance design business to help small businesses build more recognizable brands because I believe in and support the underdog. Although I typically work on branding projects, I also enjoy illustrating and designing things like these holiday cards for fun. 

As the holidays are sneaking up on us, I started panicking about the thought of finding a professional photographer I liked, booking a date, getting them done, and ordering cards. I designed these Instagram-inspired holiday cards (or anytime cards really!) as an alternative to professional photos and a unique way to share what we've been up to this year. I thought this might be something others would like to do as well. These cards are customizable to fit your holiday card needs. Pick your photos and I'll do the rest! 


Don't Forget to Shop SMALL on November 24th and Show Your Support for Small Businesses!


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