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Ah SHIRT!...Mom's Best Laid Plans

My friend recently sent a group text of her two sons dressed identically in matching aqua blue shirts. They are not twins, but she wanted them dressed the same because she was taking them into a bounce place and wanted to easily keep track of them. This is a seasoned and pro mom move.

As all of us moms know though, the best laid plans usually turn to sh$$. Picnic in the park? Cue the mulch layers spewing mulch and dust everywhere (this happened to me).

Kid is puking and up all night with a fever? Make a doctor's appointment and he will magically feel better (no joke, this was me today).

Playdate? Cue the inevitable fight over a toy/snack/what to play…leave before an hour is up, apologizing profusely while dragging your screaming kid(s) out to the car.

Day at the pool? Cue the split chin while jumping in too close to the wall, accompanied by a level 10 meltdown, at THE EXACT MOMENT that the pizza you ordered arrived, so that the pool staff is repeatedly calling, “A Paisano’s pizza for Lindsay? A pizza for Lindsay…Lindsay, are you still here?” over the speakers while all the pool patrons are staring at your bleeding and screaming child and wondering why this Lindsay chick is not picking up her pizza (this also happened to me).

You get the picture.

So, you can imagine how my friend felt, when she unloaded her matching-shirted kids to see a group of camp kids on a field trip filing in dressed in shirts the EXACT shade of blue that she chose for her kids that day. Mom win to mom fail in less than 15 seconds.

Misery loves company. Comment below on your worst mom fail!

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