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The Gym Conundrum

For the past few months I've gone to the gym close to five days a week. I joined a class I love with fun people and I actually like the trainers. I've somehow become one of those people who high-five the instructors and know almost all of them by name (even without looking at their name tags).

Before you roll your eyes and write me off because of that, a huge reason I go to the gym is to show my kids that it's a healthy habit like brushing their teeth. Growing up, my parents never exercised and we lived on Central Pennsylvania casseroles, Pizza Hut and McDonald's. It was just the way it was.

Now my parents are doing the Whole 30 and exercising all the time, and I sometimes wish they had done that when I was little so it was ingrained in my life. I've never been super comfortable in a gym and have always felt like people were watching me misuse the equipment - yes, I have fallen off a treadmill and yes, it is absolutely mortifying.

But now I feel like I have a handle on the gym. Will I ever use the Jacob's Ladder exercise machine? No freaking way (Google it). But am I more confident and fit? Yes. Do my kids know about exercise as a healthy habit? Yes. Does my gym have child care with TWO HOURS allotted? You bet, and I'm going to use every last minute.

The only downside (according to my husband and financial adviser) is that I have also become a person who sits in the cafe and works after a workout. I drop $7 on shakes that I could probably make at home for a few cents a shake, if I ever wanted to do the math (which I absolutely don't). The reason I don't head home after, is that there's laundry at home. And dishes. And clutter. And kids. Am I willing to spend money in order to get some work done without distractions? Absolutely.

Just get a coffee I tell myself every day. I'll take the Vegan PB&B for $7 I tell the cashier. I'm not even Vegan.

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